LGBT+ Gender Identity Awareness Training - COMING SOON - REGISTER YOUR INTEREST


LGBT+ Gender Identity Awareness Training – COMING SOON – REGISTER YOUR INTEREST


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LGBT+ Gender Identity Awareness Training


  • Increased awareness of relevant information related to gender identity
  • Ability to discuss gender diversity and to understand its complexity
  • Confidence to work with people who present as transgender


An overview of this course and what delegates will learn

 What is Gender?

Concept of gender identity

Differences – gender, sex & sexual orientation

Gender identity, role, expression & sex


What is Transgender/ Non Binary?

‘What is transgender?’

‘Caring for non-binary people’


Gender Identity Terminology


What has Gender Got To Do With You?

Assumptions, Beliefs and Expectations


Gender Identity Today

News stories

Social media

Mass media

Celebrity role models

Character experience stories

Personal experience stories

Challenge: 10 things not to say to trans people/ non binary?


Change in Political Climate

School environment

Supportive organisations

Supportive organisations – law/ethics/equality

International organisations

Positive trans awareness

Transgender networks

Legislation/Law and guidelines


Laws, Acts 1998

Gender Recognition Act 2004

Transgender – A protected category

Record keeping

Equality Act 2010 – review and update

Medicalised verses self-referral debate


Gender Identity Research – Reference

Gender and Non Binary in Culture

Transgender history

Current trans healthcare


‘What does a transgender brain look like?’

Psychoanalytic thinking underpinning clinical work

Relevant psychoanalytic theories

National gender diversity healthcare review


Meet the trainer, Jamie

Jamie has an inquisitive curiosity, enduring determination and self-enhancing superpowers allowing him to meaningfully connect with people. He values the importance of meaningful relationships, improving mental health and wellbeing and has advanced skills in analytic observation and emotional intelligence. Jamie has a special interest in improving mental health and wellbeing for the LGBT+ community. He is a highly experienced child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapist and has worked with a significant number of LGBT+ people for more than a decade in CAMHS in various settings; including community, in-patient and crisis teams.

Jamie is part of the LGBT+ community in a personal capacity, so comes with a wealth of lived experience. Jamie has been working on designing a care pathway for young trans service users for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT). This has developed into Jamie being appointed Transgender Pathway Lead & SOGI Network ‘TimeOut’ Training Lead for SPFT.  Additionally, Jamie delivers LGBT+ Basic Awareness Training and LGBT+ Suicide and Self Harm Awareness Training throughout Sussex and Hampshire, partnered with Health Education England. Furthermore, Jamie also delivers Gender Identity Awareness Training to CAMHS New Starters & additional LGBT+ trainings to outside NHS organisations, education & further education settings. Jamie has presented at UK LGBT+ conferences and events, has co-written CAMHS transgender policy & peer reviews adult transgender policy. Jamie is also undertaking a relevant professional doctorate, looking at the role of a psychotherapist when working with transgender young people in CAMHS.

Jamie is keen to help others recognise their own potential, just as he continues to recognise his through continuous self-development and learning-from-experience. Jamie utilises creative means to help others embrace change, with a view to move services, teams, individuals and society forward towards cultural competence. Jamie undertook a Darzi Fellowship in 2018, where he developed his relational leadership values & lead a substantial systems change project across Kent, Sussex and Surrey. He is passionate about service user involvement being at the heart of every project and recognises the importance of undertaking transformational change. Jamie believes it is essential for NHS staff to have access to authentic meaningful training in order to be able to be part of true transformational change of services and care. Jamie seeks undertaking meaningful, collaborative and innovative projects/training roles that instigate significant systems change across boundaries.


“Incredibly important training.  This training should be part of Trust induction and mandatory.”

“Their interactions (thought provoking) introduction of new terms.”

“I liked the way the material challenged me to think about myself, my assumptions and my approach to working and young people’s experiences.”

“Loved it, really interesting stimulating. Great work.”

“Great activities, stories, lived experience.”

“Very interactive. Interesting content.  Valuable session – I took a lot from it.”


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