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Infection, Prevention and Control – COMING SOON – REGISTER YOUR INTEREST


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Infection, Prevention and Control


  • Describe what an infection is, the different types of infection and the body’s own mechanisms to fight infection
  • Define the chain of infection
  • Explain how to prevent and control infection
  • Demonstrate effective hand washing
  • Explain several safe practice procedures
  • Explain the Code of Practice.

An overview of this course and what delegates will learn

Enable you to have an understanding of basic infection control, transmission of infection and the chain of infection.

How to minimise the risk of cross infection and guidance on how to comply with the Code of Practice.


Meet the trainer, Steve

Steve Shiri Gill (L) RAMC EN RN BSc MSc has 30 years clinical experience within military, NHS general, private sector and community roles across UK and worldwide.

Also 15 years clinical training experience within hospital and community sites.

Steve is driven by a passion for developing talent, clinical skills and transforming healthcare practice as an experienced healthcare trainer with over 1,000 hours engaging with individual and groups of clinical learners and achieving excellent feedback from course learners who describe the trainer passion as simplifying clinical learning from face to face delivery of clinical content and inspiring high standards of clinical confidence and standards of practice.


“The training was presented in a clear and logical way.”

“The training aids used were appropriate.”

“The biology and mechanics of the medical aspects of the heart, lung and brian function were useful.”

“I feel more confident following this training.”


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